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GetResponse MAX for Ecommerce

Get a full suite of integrated, cross-channel ecommerce tools to get more traffic, convert it into customers, and keep them buying.

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Multiple channels, multiple funnels, one marketing platform

E-postalar, SMS, pazarlama otomasyonu, web'de anlık bildirimler ve daha fazlasını tek bir yerde içeren bir araç paketi ile kanallar arasında yüksek oranda dönüşüm sağlayan, davranışla tetiklenen mesajlar sayesinde mağazanızın gelirini artırın.

Grow a healthy subscriber list

Build and cultivate your subscriber list in GetResponse MAX. Connect your CRM, CMS, or ecommerce platform - and we'll make sure your data always stays fresh, your list clean, and your deliverability sky-high.

  • Manage your contacts' consents in one place to always stay compliant with data privacy regulations.
  • Make the most of your website traffic with high-converting web push notifications and increase signup rates with custom opt-in prompts.
  • Nurture your contacts from the moment they sign up with engaging, timely automated welcome campaigns.
Grow your contact list with GetResponse

Automate to sell more, easier

Set up your automated sales funnels with ads, emails, and landing pages, and let them do the work for you - get back lost revenue, upsell, cross-sell, and sell more.

  • Connect your online store using a ready-made plugin or API and send abandoned cart email or SMS campaigns to those who didn't complete their purchase.
  • Use API or SMTP-triggered transactional emails to send notifications and keep customers up to date with their purchases.
  • Send behavior-triggered messages based on your customer's actions to reach them just when they're ready to buy.
Increase your sales with GetResponse automations and ecommerce tools

Reach your customers across channels

Communicate with your audience where they are - in their inboxes, on your website, or while they're scrolling through their social media feeds.

  • Send relevant emails and permission-based text messages with time-limited offers while they're on the go.
  • Retarget your email subscribers with paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google and take them straight to your product pages.
  • Bring them back to your website with web push notifications and send offers to past and potential buyers.
Run powerful multichannel campaigns with GetResponse

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Personalize for higher conversion

Don't send everyone the same marketing message. Personalize it based on their behavior, actions, and where they are in your funnel - beyond just starting the email with their first name.

  • Segment your audience with tags, lead scoring, custom fields, and engagement score metrics to send them exactly what they want.
  • Send Black Friday deals and other special offers based on the amount each customer spent in your store before.
  • Automatically recommend the products they're likely to buy for more upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


Personalize your marketing communication for better results

Integrate your ecommerce store

Connect GetResponse MAX to your ecommerce platform and payment processor - we're integrated with Magento, Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, Stripe, and more.

  • Use a ready-made e-commerce integration or connect via API and populate your product inventory in GetResponse.
  • Integrate your Square, Stripe, PayPal, BlueSnap, or PayU accounts and sell straight from your shoppable landing pages.
  • Send all your marketing and transactional messages from one powerful platform: order confirmations, receipts, notifications, abandoned cart emails, and more.
Connect GetResponse to your ecommerce platform and payment processor

Get in-depth insights and keep optimizing

Get insights beyond page views to create highly personalized, automated marketing communications based on what actually works for your customers.

  • Keep track of visitor actions on your pages to share custom offers when it matters most
  • Monitor views, impressions, unsubscribes, delivery rate, and click-through rates
  • A/B test specific elements of your email campaigns or landing pages
Use data to optimize your campaigns and get more sales

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Guide to Ecommerce Email Marketing

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Build a Powerful Ecommerce Email List

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