How Shel Horowitz
transformed his business
to transform the world


See how Shel Horowitz – award-winning author, international speaker, transformational business consultant, and ethical marketing expert – uses GetResponse to transform people and the planet.

A passion for change

Shel’s first business back in 1981 was typing term papers. But with a journalism and marketing background, he found it easy to simplify and sell complex concepts.

So he started writing resumes, then press releases, brochures and other marketing materials. In a sea of “me, me, me”, Shel went the other way: crafting copy from the customer’s perspective.

To me, success means having an impact in the wider world while making a comfortable living

Shel has ambitious goals. He uses profit as a powerful motivator to transform hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance.

He also helps clients market their products and reach wider audiences – highlighting that change is both possible and profitable.

To do all that, he uses GetResponse.

Switched on
to success

Shel first heard about GetResponse from founder Simon Grabowski, on an email discussion list. Impressed with the price and value, he gave it a go – with his virtual assistant making the simple switch.

When Shel stopped sending weekly emails, his subscribers complained. Since then, he’s found a happy medium with a monthly send.

I have had at least one monthly e-newsletter since 1997. In the old days, I used to manage the subscriptions, unsubs, and address changes by hand. This was horribly inefficient and wildly time-consuming. Even at just 600 subscribers back then, it was becoming a full-time job.


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For my relatively simple needs, it seems to work well – and is far more affordable than higher-end software.

Balance in action

With automation running the show, Shel works less – but often blends business with pleasure:

Am I working when I’m checking a mix of business and personal posts in email or social media? Am I working when I do business-related but non-revenue activities such as writing a blog post or newsletter article? Am I working when I spend an hour taking notes at the end of a thrilling travel day, so I can write about it later?

But Shel isn’t one to complain. Each day, he aims for two hours of billable work, two hours of marketing, outreach and administration, two hours keeping up-to-date with email, social media, and industry news – and two hours of exercise.

Shel Horowitz

He spends weekends working in short bursts between 6 AM and 10 PM, focusing on business growth.

He also squeezes in socializing, concerts and plays, and travelling the world with his wife.

I manage to achieve better work-life balance with GetResponse.

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